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GeoWinks is a mix between missed connections classified ads and an icebreaker social network app for people who want to get to know each other. GeoWinks is a product of GeoNet Corp, software company specialized in geolocation technologies.

Meet the Team

Riccardo Pisano, MS.

CEO and Co-Founder

Riccardo is an entrepreneur who has been building Web and Mobile apps for small and medium enterprises.
Riccardo brings solutions!

Gretel Echarte, JD.

VP and Co-Founder

Gretel is a highly creative media communications expert with management experience in multinational companies.
Gretel brings ideas!

Hakan Atas, MSF

Financial Advisor

Hakan is a collaborative entrepreneurial trader at Wall Street Trading LLC in New York.
Hakan brings well rounded financial skills!

How it Works

Post a Wink

See someone you like on the street, at a club, or at the gym but didn't ask for a name or phone number?

Don't need to share your personal info, all you need is location, date, time, and a message. We will send you a notification, if the other person is looking for you.*

Find Users

Do you want to meet people around you?

Find users on the map, see their profile, and chat with them.*

Wink Secretely

Do you want to know if someone you like, likes you back?

Wink secretly on a user's profile. Don't worry. it is secret to everyone, the other user will know only if she or he winks secretly at you.*

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